Single mother lost twins.

While we are in pain of lockdown, A single mother based in Cape Town miscarriage her twins boys after the doctor her that her baby we’re dead inside.

She wake up as usual and go to her doctor for check up that where she was informed about the sad news. She was aware of the pregnance but she had no idea she was carrying twins till the day he had to take baby out, she found out she had two boys.

For most mother this is the very difficult time.

You are in our prayers.

Admire Nago to release his second album Munana wangu.

Ady Nago is releasing his second album in April 06, He have message for his fans before the album launch ”

It carries 6 tracks which motivates pple to work hard and wait upon the lord
There is a song also called munana wangu meaning my miracle from God and another one which i think pple will love is tittled Final say,,_nomatter how pple judge you,_God is the only one with final say”

For more detail you can app or call +263773542802.

Facebook: Ady Nago.

Influencer and Activist Linamandla lost his grandmother.

91073467_2877329835667577_4151903296874872832_oFew Weeks back Linamandla post a video of his grandmother recovering in hospital.

On 25 March 2020 he announce that his grandmother had passed on and he wrote poem for her.

25 March 2020, 18.30
It is with sadness to share the news of my Grandmother’s passing.
Since the poets have permitted that we speak as they have spoken, I will tell of the truths that the poets told.
Ewe, le nto kakade yinto yaloo nto
Thina, nto zaziyo, asothukanga nto;
Sibona kamhlophe sithi bekumelwe;
Sitheth’ engqondweni sithi kufanelwe;
Xa bekungenjalo bekungayi kulunga.”
Therefore, and boldly, we say:
“Death be not proud, thy hand gave not this blow
The executioner of wrath thou art,
But to destroy the just is not thy part.
Rest in Peace Radebe, Bhungane. Thixo onoxolo wanga anganawe.
Your teachings, Your Wisdom, Your Guidance and more importantly Your Love will never be forgotten.
From The Mia’s Show, We with you in our prays.
Deepest condolences to Deliwe”s family.

History Made as Transgender Woman Awarded Damages by Zimbabwe High Court

The High Court in Bulawayo in a groundbreaking judgment, awarded damages against Zimbabwean police in favor of a transgender woman.

 Honorable Justice Bere awarded Ricky Nathanson, a transgender woman and activist $400,000 in damages for unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution and emotional distress.

Ms. Nathanson sued Zimbabwe police in 2014, after she was arrested by six riot police officers on charges of “criminal nuisance” for wearing female clothes and using a female toilet. She was forced to undergo invasive and humiliating medical/physical examination and asked to remove her clothes in front of five male police officers in order to “verify her gender.”

After 2 nights in detention under horrendous conditions a local Magistrate dismissed the case as there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

Ms. Nathanson sued the home affairs minister and the police.The judge described the arrest of the trans activist as outrageous and said her prosecution was thoughtless and malicious.

An elated Ms. Nathanson commented:

“This has been a long, emotional rollercoaster for me. I have waited almost 5 years for this moment. I am elated. This is an incredibly life-changing decision. It is a great moment for Zimbabwe. It affirms and recognizes the fundamental human rights, freedoms and dignity of all citizens.”

“All persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity are equally entitled to have their rights and dignity respected and protected. Governments can no longer sit-back while vulnerable persons such as transgender persons face ongoing stigma, humiliation and discrimination with impunity. I hope that this case will send a strong message that we are all human and that our diversity should be celebrated. My wish is for society to be more tolerant where LGBT persons are not in constant fear of being targeted”.

Cape Town Gay Pride 2020


Fun I had on #GayPrideCT2020.

For the few years, I attended pride however it was never what i wanted to be, But this pride i just attended changed everything.

  • How i think about gay people at one place.
  • What gay pride should be like.
  • My expectations as gay person.

Short story you don’t care about but i’m telling because this is my blog.

I finally met with someone i always thought he doesn’t like me and i also i felt like arg. The we met via mutual friend then boom we seem to hit it off and we had great time together to the point he convince me to smoke dagga like one puff. after that we exchange number and he took picture of me we share them. Also those picture taken when you not expecting them, i felt like we knew each other for long a=time and we end up talking about our relationships and what we deserve arg life is good sometimes. 


Another story.

I found out about this new app, more like uber but on this app you put the amount you want to pay and if there’s someone who is okay with the amount they accept and they come fetch you. most of the drive on this app are very friendly family people. we drive all the way home he was asking us about the event and what not it was really fun.


Thank you for reading.


My Integrity.

This is very short blog about my value, craft and self integrity.

I never sell myself short to someone or to myself. I always tell myself that i’m made for big things and i can do more than i did yesterday. My secret is never follow trend, because most of the time trend end and people who are leading those trend change, what will happen to me then.

I think i have much to offer and nothing will change that. I receive a call last night from a parliament member who ask me why wasn’t I at SONA last night presenting Western Cape community since The Mia’s Show is community show. I was puzzled and happy that someone that big know my show and know me to the point of wanting to have my number and call me. After the call I told myself this is where I want to be and i’m not stopping.


Also after the call we talk more about The Mia’s Show future and finance. please people stay tune and be amazed.