Open letter to a healing child.

Understand that healing is a process, and very often, a messy process. Every now and again you might find yourself crawling back to the people who hurt you. Unblocking their numbers, adding their numbers again, replying their texts even when you had told yourself you’re done with them. It’s okay. It’s really okay. That’s healing, unfolding, in its own way. The mere fact that you noticed that they are toxic for you, means you have taken the first step to healing from them. Allow yourself to take ten steps backwards. And when that day comes, when you fully recover from their spell and finally get over them, don’t forget to applaud yourself. don’t forget to give yourself credit. I’m rooting for you. We’ll be waiting for you, on the other side. And cheer with you when you finally heal for now, allow the process. Hurt. Cry. Go through the pain. Be honest with how you feel. Go through the process, with honesty, for yourself you will heal, I healed, all in good time.

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