Moving to Woodstock

Whoever thought one day I was going to pack my bags with my son and my Fiancé Lukhanyo leave Capricorn (Vryground). If the prophet told me that of course I was going to say yes and still, ask Madzibaba ndaikumbirawo kundiso. I mean that what we say all the time when a prophet says something because to me everything a prophet say it’s a problem that needs immediate attention. Well one day I was at work on the phone with a very close friend of mine and I shall never review her real name because wow. After that I called Lukhanyo saying “ Bae we need to talk when I get home” . For me the change was bigger than me. It felt like leaving everything I know and everyone who cares for me and leaving, but I gave it some thought and I also needed the change I was giving myself. Within a week we found the house paid the rent in three days we moved in, we were happy about the change in less people and near town and it felt like all opportunities were about to come and knock on our door every morning. As you know I had to tell my young brothers and sister that I’m moving and I ask them to come help me move even though I hire the company to do that but who will say not to a family touch.  They all came with me and helped where they could. Now I’m in my new house with new Everything, on the other hand my previous landlord is on my phone texting about how she is going to miss me and my family and how we cannot believe we are gone.  I also cannot believe that I left because staying at her yard felt like home, before guy call Mathew come stay with us after his wife dervoce hi. And after a few months he was sleeping on the floor. His story is for another day. 

Us we are happy in Woodstock, the land of history and opportunity.


Local Sorghum is killing people in Western Cape.

From the recipe we know from back home in rural area to what people are making in suburbs. during this covid 19 epidemic people learn to go back to they old way of how to make home made beer (sorghum). Then come greedy people are trying to spice it with adding few thing they not suppose to add.

The recipe for this beer are as follow.


Brown bread


Mixed with warm water.

local people are making money out of it.

Monday 01 June 20 people wake up like any other day to buy the beer that results to 4 Malawian man died after drinking the sorghum. also Zimbabwean man died and few still in Hospital number haven”t confirmed yet. anonymous source say there’s no side effect associate with this alcohol most people just die after drinking it. people might look really drunk and you might think its the alcohol that make them drunk that’s how they die.

Few weeks back in May we also had a case in Khayelitsha where family make this sorghum just for friend and three family members died of this beer.

Be careful what you drinking this lockdown.

Phatah the Soul-Jazz artist.

Phatah is Zimbabwean Jazz singer based in Cape Town Masiphumelele, with his first album called Mwana Africa.

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The album was suppose to be launch on March, then Covid 19 happen the launch was postponed to later this year.

Phatah is not just a musician he also, A Producer, Model with his own recording studio called Short Studio Production. link before for his Facebook page.

Please do follow him and share his good music.

Last year 2019 Phatah shared a stage with artist like Jah Prayzah, Tocky Vibes and many more.

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. We spoke a little about the meaning of his name PHATAH he mentioned that when he read books he find out that Phatah was a messenger, who goes around and share the good word.

Phatah talks about the future, He mention that now his working on four tracks he want to add to the album all tracks will be released on the launch day. His also working on local movie the name will be shared soon.

For more information please do click the link for his social network pages

Hope Masike big announcement.

On the 18 May time 18:04 Hope Masike posted a busket of veggies,

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY trying to be vegan or at least vegetarian or, if that fails, pescatarian (Did you manage to pronounce that one? 😂😂🤣🤣 Chakauya ngengarava shem)
Anyway, it’s hard! VaRozvi we have always had herds over herds of good healthy cattle, saka right now kunzima! The withdrawal symptoms are real 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I regularly need a hug folks! 🥺☹️😞
The thing is, I MUST eliminate especially meat and processed anything (except wine 🙊😬), because I am trying to do stuff that will make future Hope so proud of today’s Hope. And also because meat is now really expensive anyway; mashura ari kuma supermarkets uko ka!! 😱🙌🏽😅
But there is a much bigger reason I must now eat like Daniel. This big reason involves someone else. It’s big news, so be sure to check here at 6pm tomorrow for the big news.
I don’t normally share personal what what but I think you shall all love this one. It shall just be a photo, but you’re going to loooooooooove it! … and I bet it’s not what you are already thinking.
instagood #instaphoto #instadaily #instagram #instafood

On the 19 May time 18:25 she posted a picture of her showing us belly that looks she’s pregnancy,

Did #theaskmeagain poetry book gave us a happy ending.

Big question, Is Hope Masike pregnant.

Labradah stir Youtube and his fan with Not simple video.

After long time promising the dancehall artist release his first video (Not Simple) under Luki&Mia Media Empire. The video took most people by surprise even though the picture of behind the scene were promising.

The dancehall artist prove it to his fans that his a man of his words he promise a bang of video he deliver.

Ramour has it that the artist score bar gig around Cape Town and soon will perform internationally.

Open letter to a healing child.

Understand that healing is a process, and very often, a messy process. Every now and again you might find yourself crawling back to the people who hurt you. Unblocking their numbers, adding their numbers again, replying their texts even when you had told yourself you’re done with them. It’s okay. It’s really okay. That’s healing, unfolding, in its own way. The mere fact that you noticed that they are toxic for you, means you have taken the first step to healing from them. Allow yourself to take ten steps backwards. And when that day comes, when you fully recover from their spell and finally get over them, don’t forget to applaud yourself. don’t forget to give yourself credit. I’m rooting for you. We’ll be waiting for you, on the other side. And cheer with you when you finally heal for now, allow the process. Hurt. Cry. Go through the pain. Be honest with how you feel. Go through the process, with honesty, for yourself you will heal, I healed, all in good time.